Registered Papers List

List Updated till 29th May 2018

S.No Paper Code List of Authors Paper Title Registerd Author(s)
01 ICMAE-003 Gurjeet Singh, Mohan Kumar Pradhan and Ajay Verma Optimization of Injection Moulding Process Parameters using Hybrdization of Taguchi, Entropy Measurment and Utility Function Approach Gurjeet Singh
02 ICMAE-005 Pablo Sanchez and Nelson Aros Modeling of the Electrical Impact of the Tower Flexion in a Wind Turbine Nelson Aros
03 ICMAE-012 Jijith Mp and Joby George miRNA-miRNA and Curse-Disease Juxtaposing Feature and Disease Ascertaining Service using Combinatorial Prioritization Algorithm Jijith Mp
04 ICMAE-024 Rajinder Rajinder, Mini Sreejeth and Madhusudan Singh Speed and Stator Resistance Estimation of Speed Sensorless IM Drive Rajinder
05 ICMAE-025 Chetna Kaushal and Deepika Koundal Recent Trends in Big Data using Hadoop Chetna Kaushal
06 ICMAE-028 Keshav Valase and D.N Raut Sustainable Manufacturing Implementation with a SMEET Framework Keshav Valase
07 ICMAE-029 Vinayak Bajoria, Avita Katal and Sonali Gupta Live Migration Annealing (LMA): An Optimized Approach for Virtual Machine Live Migration Vinayak Bajoria
08 ICMAE-030 Bhavana Chaudhari and Vaishali Khairnar Implecations of Q&A on Online Social Network Bhavana Chaudhari
09 ICMAE-031 Puneet Samnani and Richa Jain Facial Expression Recognition & Mixed Emotion Detection with A New Deep & Dense CNN Model Puneet Samnani
10 ICMAE-033 Bhawna Jethani, Anmol Sharma and Sakshi Sethi Sun-Tan Metronome Bhawna Jethani
11 ICMAE-036 R Harish Kumar, Parth Kaul, Rohit Ranjan, Anup Kumar and Manisha Thakkar Real Time Parking Space Detection using Image Processing R Harish Kumar
12 ICMAE-037 Ramakanta Jena, Shaswat Chirantan, Saratchandra Swain and Dr.P.C. Panda Voltage Stability Assessment using SVC Controller Ramakanta Jena
13 ICMAE-038 Shaswat Chirantan, Ramakanta Jena, Saratchandra Swain and Dr.P.C. Panda Power Flow Enhancement & Loss Minimization using STATCOM FACTS Controller Shaswat Chirantan
14 ICMAE-041 Mrinmoy Sarkar, Asok Kumar and Bansibadan Maji Performance Measure of GBN-ARQ Protocol in a Fading Network using Error Correction Code Mrinmoy Sarkar
15 ICMAE-042 Gunasekar Thangarasu and Kayalvizhi Subramanian A Hybrid Model for Diagnosing Diabetic and Types from the Clinical Database Gunasekar Thangarasu
16 ICMAE-043 Pijush Dutta Study of Optimizated NN Model for Liquid Flow Sensor based on different Parameters Pijush Dutta
17 ICMAE-048 G.Nageswara Rao and K.Ramalingeswara Prasad Analysis and Implementation of Three Phase Cascade Multi-level Inverter Motor Drive G.Nageswara Rao
18 ICMAE-052 Tanmay Rout, Ankit Chowdhury, Sarita Samal and Manoj Kumar Maharana Study of Fuzzy Logic Control Technique used in Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) for Photovoltaic systems Tanmay Rout
19 ICMAE-053 Ankit Chowdhury, Tanmay Rout, Sarita Samal and Manoj Kumar Maharana Power Quality Analysis of Grid Connected Photovoltaic Systems Tanmay Rout
20 ICMAE-060 Devasena D and Jagadeeswari M Removal of Noises in Images using XILINX ISE Synthesis Devasena D
21 ICMAE-061 Rutuja Salunke, Swathi Pergu, Pratik Kajave and Kirti K Compelling Approach for E-Commerce Application using Modified K-Means Clustering Algorithm Rutuja Salunke
22 ICMAE-062 Ravi Aavula and Bhramaramba Ravi Towards a Framework for Breast Cancer Prognosis: Risk Assessment Ravi Aavula
23 ICMAE-068 Sagar S, Jayaprakash M C and D Venkat Reddy Performance based Seismic Evaluation of Industrial Chimneys by Static and Dynamic Analysis Sagar S
24 ICMAE-069 Sita Ram Bhardwaj, O.P. Rahi and Veena Sharma Decoupled Control of SPRS based Induction Motor Drive using Buck-Boost Chopper and PWMVSI with Current Control Technique Sita Ram Bhardwaj
25 ICMAE-074 V. P. Singh and D. P. S. Chauhan Model Order Reduction using Dominant Pole Retention and Pole Clustering Technique Dharma Pal Singh Chauhan
26 ICMAE-075 Jaeho Kim and Jung Kyu Park Power Failure Recovery Experiment using Flash-based Embedded Device Jung Kyu Park
27 ICMAE-076 Sandeep Kumar, Aruna Tomar and Devendra Singh Microstructural Evolution of Spray Formed Al-6Si-20Pb Alloy During Uniaxial Cold Forging Sandeep Kumar
28 ICMAE-082 Md. Abdul Alim Sheikh, Alok Kole and Tanmoy Maity Classification of Remote Sensing Images into Man-made Objects and Natural Objects based on Statistical Variations Md. Abdul Alim Sheikh
29 ICMAE-086 Shailendra Dhakad and Umesh Dwivedi A Slotted Microstrip Antenna with Fractal Design for Surveillance based Radar Applications in X-Band Shailendra Dhakad
30 ICMAE-088 Shailendra Dhakad and Umesh Dwivedi Design of Antenna with Band-Notched Characteristics with Non-Uniform Width Slots Shailendra Dhakad
31 ICMAE-090 Sruthi Manivannan, Arathi Anil, Revathi Sethuramalingam and Pranitha Praveen Speed Controlling Speed Breakers Sharmila B
32 ICMAE-093 Chahat Sharma, Sumair Malik, Mukul Varshney and Sujata Pandey Design and Analysis of the Substrate Integrated Waveguide Bandpass Filter Sumair Malik and Chahat Sharma
33 ICMAE-095 Islam Syful A Cost Effective and Secure Digital Voting System using Biometric Features and Cloud Computing Technology: Bangladesh Perspective Islam Syful
34 ICMAE-096 Jagdish Chandra Patni and Anupam Singh Natural Language Processing based Analysis Engine Jagdish Chandra Patni
35 ICMAE-097 Jagdish Chandra Patni and Anupam Singh Real Time Linguistic Analysis using Natural Language Processing Jagdish Chandra Patni
36 ICMAE-099 Dr. G.S.N Murthy, T.Satya Kumari, T. Veerraju and V.Anantha L A Novel Approach for Organizing the Conflicting Security Tasks in a Dynamically Distributed Systems Environment Dr. G. S. N. Murthy
37 ICMAE-102 Olga Kononova, Dmitriy Prokudin and Elena Elkina Contextual Knowledge Research and Retrieval: Case Study on Digital Economy Kononova O. V.
38 ICMAE-106 Mikhail Efimov, Andrey Vasilev, Dmitriy Muratov, Galina Karpacheva, Elena Sidorova, Ella Dzidziguri and Anna Kovtun Evolution of Fe-Pd Solid Solution Composition in One-Step Metal-Carbon Nanocomposite Fabrication Method Mikhail Efimov
39 ICMAE-107 Nipun Aggarwal, Pankaj Arya, Shubham Mavi, Subham Jha and Mr. Ajay Kumar Agarwal Evolution & Revolution of 3d Printing in India – A Review for Future Aspect Nipun Aggarwal
40 ICMAE-110 Rupa Mishra and Tapas Kumar Saha Control Transition between Stand-alone and Grid Connected Modes Operation in Distributed Power Generation Scheme Rupa Mishra
41 ICMAE-111 Nikhil Kumar Rajput, Sagar Verma, Subham Rohilla and Mr. Ajay Kumar Agarwal Flow Shop Scheduling in a Medium Scale Industry – A Review for Future Aspect Nikhil Kumar Rajput
42 ICMAE-117 Modadugu Hema Latha, Kavuri Roshitha and Jarupula Somlal Comparative Study on the Analysis of Transient Stability of IEEE 14 Bus System using Power World Simulator Modadugu Hema Latha
43 ICMAE-119 Raghul S, Anita J P and Sudheesh P Adaptive Filtering Technique for Error Detection and Correction of Precision Welding Robot Raghul S
44 ICMAE-155 Gabriel Aguirre-Alvarez, Rafael Germán Campos-Montiel, Rubén Jiménez-Alvarado, Apolonio Vargas-Torres, Xochitl Alejandra Pérez-Marroquín and Alma Delia Hernández-Fuentes Characterization of Mechanical and Structural Properties of Films Made with Chayotextle Starch (Sechium Edule) and Gelatin Gabriel Aguirre-Alvarez
45 ICMAE-045 Satyendra Tripathi and Bharat Mishra Area Efficient 2-D Discrete Wavelet Transform using Distributed Arithmetic Technique for Lossy Image Satyendra Tripathi
46 ICMAE-051 Atul Priya, Raju Das, Gundabathula Prahlad Kumar, Amit Kumar Ball and Shibendu Shekhar Roy Electrohydrodynamically (EHD) Driven Microfabrication Approach: A Critical Review AYUSH KUMAR
47 ICMAE-105 Anisha P R, Dr. B. Vijaya Babu and Sunitha Pachala Comparative Study and Analysis of Machine Learning Techniques for Breast Cancer Disease Prediction Anisha P R
48 ICMAE-108 Asharul Islam, Dr.Anoop Kumar and Mrs.Sadaf Yasmin Mobile Cloud Computation Offloading: A Survey Asharul Islam
49 ICMAE-124 Ganesha Mogaveera, Anand V R, Umesh S S and Sanjay Gowda Studies on the Behaviour of Solid Concrete Block Arches Ganesha Mogaveera
50 ICMAE-126 Gagari Deb, Kabir Chakraborty and Sumita Deb Voltage Stability Analysis of Radial Distribution System using Supervised Learning Algorithm Gagari Deb