Registered Papers List

List Updated till 29th May 2018

S.No Paper Code List of Authors Paper Title Registerd Author(s)
51 ICMAE-132 Bharti Sharma, Adeel Hashmi, Gunjan Beniwal, Ankit Kumar and Tanishk Sachdeva Grasshopper Optimization Algorithm based Recommender System Tanishk Sachdeva
52 ICMAE-135 Vinu M Kuriakose and Vm Sreehari A Detailed Analytical Study on Free Vibration of Symmetrical and Anti-Symmetrical Laminated Composite Plates Vm Sreehari
53 ICMAE-136 Pk Latha, Vidhya Venugopal, R.K. Elangovan, M. Neelamegam and S. Rekha Climate Change, Thermal Comfort and Energy Demand in Indian Occupational Settings – Finding a Sustainable Solution using Building Materials Pk Latha
54 ICMAE-138 Dr. Kushal Dinkar Badgujar Nuclear Fuels for Advance Nuclear Reactors Dr. Kushal Dinkar Badgujar
55 ICMAE-023 Debajyoty Banik, Asif Ekbal and Pushpak Bhattacharyya Phrase Table Re-Adjustment in Statistical Machine Translation Debajyoty Banik
56 ICMAE-050 Davood Manzoori Frequency Analysis of the Tidally Pulsating Binary System KIC 11519134 Davood Manzoori
57 ICMAE-085 Mohammad Nasfikur Rahman Khan, A K Ehsanul Haque Mashuk, M N Tanzirul Iqbal, Saraf Anim, Faisal Bin Shahin and Md. Mahafuzur Rahaman An Innovative Path for Ascertaining Medicos and Volunteering Blood Donors by using Android Application A K Ehsanul Haque Mashuk
58 ICMAE-123 Roopa J, Govinda Raju M, Sunil Kumar D M, Vijay K, Vinay Kumar R, Yatheesh Kumar and Gautham Keerthi Raj IOT based Smart Pantry Management System for Kitchen Govinda Raju M
59 ICMAE-152 Chatu Mounika and Konda Srinivasa Reddy An Android based PC Controller using WIFI Dr K Srinivasa Reddy
60 ICMAE-156 Jesus de La Cruz-Alejo and Francisco Hernandez-Pascual Voltage Regulation of a Synchronous Generator based on Intelligent Control Jesus de la Cruz Alejo
61 ICMAE-158 Prince Brighty and Natarajan Vinothaa Statistical Analysis and Forecasting Report using Aadhar Card Prince Sahaya Brighty. S
62 ICMAE-160 Manoj Misra, Atul Chaturvedi and Sp Tripathi Quantum Resistant Cryptography Via Mersenne Prime and Lattice Manoj Misra
63 ICMAE-166 Shilpesh Rana and Jayantilal Patel AHP-Weighted Sum Method Application for Priority Analysis of a Hydro Power Project Location Shilpesh Rana
64 ICMAE-171 Penumuri Chaitanya and Jarupula Somlal Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) based MPPT Technique to Maximize the Generated Power in Hybrid Renewable Energy System Penumuri Chaitanya
65 ICMAE-177 Anjana Navale and Namdev Sawant Color Attenuation Prior (CAP) for Single Image Dehazing Anjana Navle
66 ICMAE-179 Ana Kumar, Shivam Tyagi and C. K. Jha 3-D Hexagonal Wheel based Topology for MPSoC: Modeling, Topological Properties, Addressing Scheme, and Routing Algorithm Ana Kumar
67 ICMAE-180 Sreelakshmi K, Nivethashri Selvakumar and Adarsh S Design of a Fuzzy System for the Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation and its Evaluation Across the Various Membership Functions Sreelakshmi K
68 ICMAE-181 Shreyas K S, Yashwanth M K and Ajay H A An Experimental Study and Analysis on Stabilisation of Silty Clay Soil using GGBS Shreyas K S
69 ICMAE-183 Kanchan Ganvir and Nikhil Pachkawade Design and Analytical Study of Fatigue Strength of a Dental Crown kanchan D. Ganvir
70 ICMAE-186 Auchib Reza, Musawer Ahmad Saqif, Saifa Anzum and Arif Mohammad Aziz Review on Corrosive Behavior and Possible Protective Measures for Reinforcing Bars Auchib Reza
71 ICMAE-190 Thomas P, Vinu M Kuriakose and Vm Sreehari A Detailed Study on Free Vibration of Laminated Composite Plates using FEM Thomas P
72 ICMAE-193 Shanthi Priya G, Mahesh Bhupathi K, Sushmanth Reddy P, Bhaswanth Varma S and Anita J P Modification of Undetectable Faults for Improving Fault Coverage Bhaswanth Varma Sagi
73 ICMAE-194 Lim Joon Hoong Effects of Sintering Atmosphere on the Optical and Electrical Properties of Inkjet Printed ZnxCu(1-x)Fe2O4 Thin Films Lim Joon Hoong
74 ICMAE-200 Panchali Datta Choudhury, Palem Venkata Rakesh Reddy and Tanmay De Multicast Traffic Grooming Routing and Spectrum Assignment in Elastic Optical Network Panchali Datta Choudhury
75 ICMAE-202 Arif Mohammad Aziz, Auchib Reza, Murshalin Ahmed and Wasiq Ameen Recycled Fines from Brick Aggregate Concrete: Unnoticed Risk and Prospective Reutilization Arif Mohammad Aziz
76 ICMAE-230 B Ravichandra Rao GSPWM Algorithm for Voltage Source Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive to Reduce Common Mode Voltage B Ravichandra Rao
77 ICMAE-283 Kazu-Masa Yamada and Nobuaki Matsuhashi Arrangement for New Piping and DataCenter Housing, Depending on the Condition of Existing, VPN Access to Science Information Network Kazu-Masa Yamada
78 ICMAE-154 Francisco Lopez-Huerta, Juan C. Soler-Balcazar, Rosa M. Woo-Garcia, Julian Hernandez-Torres, Leandro Garcia-Gonzalez, Agustin L. Herrera-May, Carlos ZÚÑiga-Islas, Wilfrido Calleja-Arriaga, Blanca Cervantes, Rosario Vega and Enrique Soto Surface Morphology and Biocompatibility of Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon-Germanium Films Prepared by Low Frequency Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition Francisco Lopez-Huerta
79 ICMAE-175 Aseem K and Dr. Vanitha V Performance Analysis of DSTATCOM for Three Phase Three Wire Distribution System Aseem K
80 ICMAE-214 Dr Ashok Matani Green Fuels in Aviation Industries Towards Pollution Prevention & Sustainable Development Dr Ashok Matani
81 ICMAE-216 Lingeshwaran Nagarathinam, Jyothishya Brahma Chari Kanneganti and Bhargava Laxmi Goli Behaviour of Buckling Restrained Braced Frame under Seismic Loads Lingeshwaran Nagarathinam
82 ICMAE-223 Dr Ashok Matani Matani, Dr. S. K. Doifode Dr. S. K. Doifode and Premesh Premesh P. Bhatkar Smart Grid Technologies Enhancing Efficient Energy use Premesh P. Bhatkar
83 ICMAE-229 Jayasheel I Harti, Prasad T B, Rajesh B S, Madeva Nagaral, Dinesh Kumar S and V Auradi Investigations on Tensile and Compression Behaviour of Al2219-TIC Composites Jayasheel Harti
84 ICMAE-233 Jayavignesh Thyagarajan and Subashini Sundararajan An Efficient Congestion Control Mechanism through Dynamic Alternate Route Selection in Wireless Sensor Network Jayavignesh Thyagarajan
85 ICMAE-235 Kagitha Sundara Rao and Mrudula Singamsetti Area Efficiency QCA based Hamming Code Generator and Checker Kagitha Sundara Rao
86 ICMAE-237 Ravi Kumar B. and Srikanth Phani Improving Aerodynamics Characteristics of an Aircraft’s Wing using Constructional Features Phani Srikanth Malladi
87 ICMAE-238 Richa Gupta, Afshar Alam and Parul Agarwal Analysis of Flow of Signals in Neuron Network Richa Gupta
88 ICMAE-239 Aditya Vijaykumar Sancheti and Hariom Khungar Seismic Response of Low Rise and High Rise Structures on Different Types of Foundation with Varying Soil Types Aditya Vijaykumar Sancheti
89 ICMAE-245 Gagari Deb, Kabir Chakraborty and Sumita Deb Voltage Security based State Classification of Distribution System and Voltage Security State Improvement by STATCOM Gagari Deb
90 ICMAE-265 Vijaya Lakshmi Singh and Dinesh Rai Simulation based Performance Evaluation of Routing Protocols in Ad Hoc Network with Impression of Ad Hoc Cloud and Internet of Things Vijaya Lakshmi Singh
91 ICMAE-073 Susanta Banik and Debasish Bhattacharya A New Approach for Solving Multi-Objective De Novo Programming Problem using Goal Programming Variants Debasish Bhattacharya
92 ICMAE-131 Neeru Sharma Performance Enhancement of Garbage Monitoring System Neeru Sharma
93 ICMAE-195 Naman Garg, Harish Parthasarathy and Dharmendra Upadhyay Belavkin Filter for Estimating the Electron Spin Naman Garg
94 ICMAE-201 Deeksha Chouksey and Dr. Murtaza Abbas Rizvi An Efficient Deduplication of Cloud Data using Improved Policy based Encryption Deeksha Chouksey
95 ICMAE-204 Manoj Duhan, Anju Bishnoi and Kanika A Flexible Procedure for Proposing Equivalent Circuit Models by using Impedance Spectroscopy Data for Different Mole Concentrations of Nickel & Vanadium Ions in Lithium Bismuth Borate Glass Anju Bishnoi
96 ICMAE-206 Bharti Sharma, Adeel Hashmi, Karan Kumar, Kanika Mittal and Akshay Binwal Genre Feature Mapping based Movie Rating Prediction Karan Kumar
97 ICMAE-207 Sheikh Shah Mohammad Motiur Rahman, Md. Habibur Rahman, Shikha Anirban, Kaushik Sarker and Md. Samadur Rahman Analysis of Unigram, Bigram and Trigram with TF-IDF for Sentiment Classification using Ensemble Machine Learning Classifiers Sheikh Shah Mohammad Motiur Rahman
98 ICMAE-234 Dr R. Kavitha, P Sumedha and M Sai Swetha Correlating​ ​Resources​ ​and​ ​Expenditures​ ​of​ ​Tamil Nadu​ ​District​ ​Schools​ ​for​ ​Data​ ​Mining ​​​ ​with​ ​Apriori Machine​ Learning​ ​Algorithm Sumedha Prathipati
99 ICMAE-253 Vinay Kumar Ambati and Ravi Kumar B Aerodynamic Design Optimization of Sedan Car Vinay Kumar Ambati
100 ICMAE-254 Dhruba Kumar and Partha Sarathee Bhowmik Recent Developments of Islanding Detection Techniques: A Survey Dhruba Kumar