Registered Papers List

List Updated till 29th May 2018

S.No Paper Code List of Authors Paper Title Registerd Author(s)
101 ICMAE-255 Bobby Sharma A Distributed Cooperative Approach to Eliminate Hello Flood Attack from Wireless Sensor Network Bobby Sharma
102 ICMAE-258 K Yogaprasad and V R Anitha Hexa to Hexa Fractal Shaped Antenna for Multiband Applications Fed by CPW K Yogaprasad
103 ICMAE-264 Sergei Evgenievich Ivanov, Zoia Alexandrovna Meleshkova and Andrei Algirdo Mikalauskas The Automated System for Electromechanical Lifting Control Sergei Evgenievich Ivanov
104 ICMAE-266 Khomdram Jolson Singh, Ashutosh Srivastava and Shingmila Hungyo Modelling Analysis of Graphene-On-Silicon Schottky Junction Solar Cell for Enhancing its Performance Ashutosh Srivastava
105 ICMAE-268 Amrita Rai Digital Ic Tester using Advanced Microcontroller Board Interfaced with GUI Amrita Rai
106 ICMAE-273 Ravi Kumar B. Performance and Emission Characteristics of a Diesel Engine using Diesel-Raw Jatropha Oil Blends A Ajay Joshua
107 ICMAE-285 Kunal Rajesh Gyanchandani, P.D Pachpor and Shivani Saiba Shriram Comparative Analysis of Set-back Buildings as per IS 1893 (Part 1): 2002 and IS 1893 (Part 1): 2016 Kunal Rajesh Gyanchandani
108 ICMAE-286 Shivani Saiba Shriram, P.D Pachpor and Kunal Rajesh Gyanchandani Analysis of Elevated Circular Storage Reservoir of High Capacity with Different Staging Height using IS 1893(Part II):2014 Shivani Saiba Shriram
109 ICMAE-203 Anatoly Makarov, Okuneva Victoria and Sokolova Yuliya The Calculation of the Efficiency of the Arcs in the Arc Steel-Melting Furnaces of Conventional Design and Consteel Anatoly Makarov
110 ICMAE-227 Varun Shukla, Atul Chaturvedi, Neelam Srivastava and Manoj Kumar Misra On Post Quantum Cryptographic Methods for Wireless Communication Varun Shukla
111 ICMAE-262 Nabil Kannouf, Mohamed Labbi, Chahid Yassine, Benabdellah Mohammed and Abdelmalek Azizi Privacy of RFID Middleware in EPCGlobal Network Nabil Kannouf
112 ICMAE-277 Sergei Evgenievich Ivanov Investigation Nonlinear Dynamical Systems of a Polynomial Structure in Mechanical Engineering Sergei Evgenievich Ivanov
113 ICMAE-287 Jayalakshmi Gundabathina, Sangeetha Yalamanchili, Neelima N and Esther Jyothi Veerapaneni Reduction of Classification Rules Generation using Hybrid PSO/ACO Algorithm for Medical Data Analysis Mrs G. JayaLakshmi
114 ICMAE-146 Girish Paliwal and Swapnesh Taterh Enhanced Congestion Window Increment and Adaptive Fast Recovery Congestion Control Algorithm Simulation in Computer Network Girish Paliwal
115 ICMAE-173 Uma Sharma, Umesh Kumar and Swapnesh Taterh The Role of Threat and its Implication on Assets in the Development Process of Secure Software Umesh Kumar
116 ICMAE-174 Nitheesh Murugan Kaliyamurthy, Swapnesh Taterh and Suresh Shanmugasundaram Software Defined Networking – Possible Threats and Security Measures Nitheesh Murugan Kaliyamurthy
117 ICMAE-182 Saloni Manhas and Swapnesh Taterh Recent Advances in XSS Vulnerabilities: Problems and Prospects Saloni Manhas
118 ICMAE-269 Jagendra Kumar and Srinivasu Gangi Setti Tribological Behavior of Al-7075 Base Alloy Jagendra Kumar
119 ICMAE-270 Hemarjit Ningombam and Dr. O.P. Roy A Systematic Approach on Design of Automation System for Tea Farming based on Embedded Wireless Sensor Network Hemarjit Ningombam
120 ICMAE-276 Shubham Aggarwal, Monika Sharma and Sunil Kumar Khatri Threshold based Detection and Prevention of Image Bullying on Social Media Shubham Aggarwal
121 ICMAE-289 Komal Saxena, Sumit Yadav and Sunil Kumar Khatri An Automated Litter Collector for Smart Cities using GPS System Sumit Yadav
122 ICMAE-293 Ritu Kesarsingh Chauhan and Varsha Harne Analysis of A RC Framed Building with Inclusion of Soil-Structure Interaction Ritu Kesarsingh Chauhan
123 ICMAE-298 Tirupathireddy G, Veera Ganesh Kona and Jyothishya Brahma Chari Kanneganti An Experimental Study of RC Frame by CFRP Laminates Tirupathireddy G
124 ICMAE-299 Jaimeen Chhatrawala, Nandish Jasani and Prof.Vidita Tilva FPGA based Data Acquisition with Ethernet Protocol Jaimeen Chhatrawala
125 ICMAE-302 Rahul Deshmukh and Varsha Harne Comparison of Various Methods for Analysis oF Masonry Arch Bridge Rahul Deshmukh
126 ICMAE-312 Mahiban Lindsay Nesaian and Parvathy A K Power System Reliability Evaluation in a Restructured Power Industry Mahiban Lindsay Nesaian
127 ICMAE-313 Minati Ghosh, Chiranjib Koley and Nirmal Kumar Roy Study on time Response Improvement of Instantaneous PQ theory based Reference Current Generation for Shunt Active Power Filters Minati Ghosh
128 ICMAE-325 Debasis Sarkar and Matangi Dave Real-Time Monitoring of Ready Mixed Concrete Delivery with Integrated Navigation System Matangi Dave
129 ICMAE-333 Anirudh K Fault Detection Isolation and Restoration (FDIR) of an Electrical Power System of a Nanosatellite Anirudh K
130 ICMAE-334 Arvind Selwal A Novel Transformation based Template Security Scheme for Multi-instance Biometric System Arvind Selwal
131 ICMAE-354 Sunita Malik and Manoj Duhan Analytical Modeling & Simulation of PE-FET Device based Pressure Sensor Sunita Malik
132 ICMAE-362 Ramandeep Kaur and Dr. Sumit Mittal SINR and Fuzzy Approach based Handoff Algorithms: A Study Ramandeep Kaur
133 ICMAE-315 Ami Bhadauria and Vidita Tilva Digital Control System for High DC Current Power Supply using DSC Ami Bhadauria
134 ICMAE-361 Ashish Gupta, Bhishm Singh Khati and Dilip Kumar Influence of Stone Dust and Fly Ash on Engineering Properties of Black Cotton Soil Dilip Kumar
135 ICMAE-157 Felipe Tozim Demiti and Cid Marcos Gonçalves Andrade Optimization of Pid Controller Tuning with Evolutionary Algorithms: A Brief Review Cid Andrade
136 ICMAE-189 Manoj Kumar Muppanneni, Mani Sanka, Gopi Krishna Badugu and Somlal Jarupula Enhancement of Power Quality by using Shunt Active Filter for Unbalanced and Nonlinear Load Manoj Kumar Muppanneni
137 ICMAE-191 Igor Rossi Fermo and Cid Marcos Goncalves Andrade Digital Image Processing, A Review Igor Rossi Fermo
138 ICMAE-290 Tarunpreet Bhatia and A. K. Verma Detection and Isolation of Blackhole and Grayhole Nodes in Mobile Networks Tarunpreet Bhatia
139 ICMAE-296 Narikella Harish, Jyothishya Brahma Chari Kanneganti and Veera Ganesh Kona Investigation on Compressive Strength of M25 Grade Concrete by Partial Replacement of Cement with Wood Ash Narikella Harish
140 ICMAE-301 Manoj Kumar, Anuj Rani and Sangeet Srivastava Image Manipulation Detection using Estimation of Light Source Direction Manoj Kumar
141 ICMAE-303 R Jegan, X Anitha Mary and Lina Rose Smart System for Monitoring Real Time Intravenous Fluid in Hospital Environment R Jegan
142 ICMAE-304 Rajat C. Pundlik, Dnyaneshwar D. Awachar, Dr. Hari Prasad Reddy P. and Dr. Ganesh R. Kale Investigation on Reactivity of CuO with Rice Husk in Biomass Gasification Chemical-Looping (BGCL) in Fluidized Bed Systems Rajat C. Pundlik and Dnyaneshwar D. Awachar
143 ICMAE-305 Vraty Sanu Home based Patient Health Care using IOT Vraty Sanu
144 ICMAE-314 Divyarajsinh Chudasama and Dr. Debasis Sarkar Waste Generation in Ready Mixed Concrete plant (RMC) in Gujarat and Maharashtra Divyarajsinh Chudasama
145 ICMAE-318 Jaicky Gurnani and Hariom Khungar Study of Behavior of Flat Slab with Openings Adjacent to Column of different Shapes according to IS-456:2000 Jaicky Gurnani
146 ICMAE-319 Anirban Chowdhury, Pranav Jeevan P and Mayank Choudhary A Method to Find the Optimum Number of Clusters in N-Dimensional Data Space using Ant Colony Optimization Anirban Chowdhury, Mayank Choudhary and Pranav Jeevan P
147 ICMAE-320 Amrita Rai, Puneet Kumar Mishra and Ravinder Nath Rajotiya Spectrum Sensing: Wavelet based Approach and Analysis in Cognitive Radio Amrita Rai
148 ICMAE-327 Mohd Asyraf Abdul Rahim, Erwan Sulaiman and Muhammad Hazim Borhan Improvement of Battery Management and Charging System (BMCS) for Portable Power Supply through Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Characteristics Mohd Asyraf Abd Rahim
149 ICMAE-329 Kasturi Munje and Mahendra Kadu Comparison of Structural Behaviour of RC Structural Wall System over Conventional Beam Column System Kasturi Munje
150 ICMAE-331 Jitendra Soni, Dr. Kirti Mathur and Ashish Soni Data Mining and Machine Learning :Design and Implementation of a Generalized Real Time Sentiment Analysis System on Tweeter Data using Natural language Processing Jitendra Soni