Registered Papers List

List Updated till 29th May 2018

S.No Paper Code List of Authors Paper Title Registerd Author(s)
151 ICMAE-332 Vinay Thakur, Aakash Gupta and Ashok Gupta Assessment of Relative Significance in Delaying Factors of Hilly Road Construction Vinay Thakur, Aakash Gupta and Ashok Gupta
152 ICMAE-336 Jayati Saxena and Ranjeeta Yadav Remote Traffic Control & Monitoring System Jayati Saxena
153 ICMAE-339 Sateesh Kumar Allu, Sreevallabhan Kuram and Rammohan A Automatic Plant Monitoring and Water Pumping System Sateesh Kumar Allu
154 ICMAE-340 Manikandan S S and Uma Maheswari P Smart Precision Farming System using IoT Manikandan S S
155 ICMAE-341 Chahid Yassine, Nabil Kannouf, Mohamed Labbi, Benabdellah Mohammed and Abdelmalek Azizi Modeling a Trusted Supply Chain between Consumers and Farmers using IoT and Nested Blockchain Technology Chahid Yassine
156 ICMAE-344 Mohammed Ali Shaik Amalgamated Cloud Formation for Protected Authoritative Non-Duplication Mohammed Ali Shaik
157 ICMAE-348 A R M N V Tharun Kumar, I Siva Kishore, Ch Mallika Chowdary and Dr. Vipul Kumar Ishvarbhai Patel Structural Behaviour under Eccentric Loading on CFST Elliptical Short Columns A R M N V Tharun Kumar
158 ICMAE-353 Kamaljyoti Gogoi, Saibal Chatterjee, Sorokhaibam Nilakanta Meitei and Abhijit Saikia Weak Area Identification using L-Index and Dynamic Simulation in PSS®E Kamaljyoti Gogoi
159 ICMAE-355 Lanke Krishnakanth, I Siva Kishore, Ch Mallika Chowdary and Dr. Vipul Kumar Ishvarbhai Patel Investigation on Structural Behaviour of CFEST Columns under Axial Compression Lanke Krishnakanth
160 ICMAE-359 Aayushii Goswami, Sacheet Amblekar, Kunal Bavikar, Sunali S and Benjamin Rohit Feasibility Study of Various Antenna Deployment Mechanisms and its Implementation for 2U Nano Satellite Structure of RVSAT Sunali S
161 ICMAE-363 Sindhuja, Sanjana Rao, Shreesha M and Naina Biradar Study on Feasibility of Various Thermal Control Techniques with RVSAT-1 Sindhuja
162 ICMAE-364 Anmol Gupta and Sparsh Gulati Modeling, Simulation & Comparative Analysis of 100KWs Solar PV Array Power Plant for KIET Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad Anmol Gupta
163 ICMAE-373 Prathamesh Bodhankar, Chinmay Anikhindi and Ganesh Kale A Thermodynamic Analysis of Autothermal Steam Reforming of Methane for Ammonia Production by Haber-Bosch Process Shanmukh Patnaik and Prathamesh Bodhankar
164 ICMAE-375 Nethravathi B and Kamalesh V N Graph Theoretical Model And Algorithm to Compute Maximum Connectivity For Fault Tolerance Nethravathi B
165 ICMAE-267 Prajna Deepthi and M Krishna Effect of Process Parameters on Electroless Process of Coating Copper on Graphite Powder for PTFE Bearing Applications Prajna Deepthi
166 ICMAE-346 Gajal Parashar and Devendra Somwanshi Designing A “LABVIEW based Fuzzy Controller” Gajal Parashar
167 ICMAE-352 Vaishali Chourey and Dr. Meena Sharma Functional Flow Block Diagrams in UML Semantics for Quality Visualization Vaishali Chourey
168 ICMAE-371 Senthil Kumar M and Rajakumar P Performance Evaluation of Fuzzy Logic based MPPT Controller for a Distributed Photovoltaic System Dr. Senthil Kumar M
169 ICMAE-376 Jibrin Mohammed, Hindatu Hamisu, Hassan A. Daya, K.U. Yerima, Aminu Muhammad, Mubarak S. Abubakar, Tchouank Tekou Carol T. and A. K. Srivastava Structural and Dielectric Properties of Biopolymer Functionalised rGO/SrM/CCTO Nanocomposite Jibrin Mohammed
170 ICMAE-383 Geeta Acharya and Rohit Patel Performance Comparison of Single Channel and WDM Optical Systems using DP-16 QAM Modulation Format Geeta Acharya
171 ICMAE-145 Aftab Anjum and Naushad Ansari Thermodynamic Analysis of a Two-Stage Vapor Compression Refrigeration System with an Auxiliary Condenser using R-717, R-152A, R-134A, R-507A And R-1234Yf as Refrigerants Aftab Anjum and Naushad Ansari
172 ICMAE-198 Akash T, Bahni Roy and Dr. S.P. Angeline Kirubha Infrared Thermpgraphy for Correlating Blood Pressure and Temperature Angeline Kirubha S. P
173 ICMAE-306 Ravuri Daniel and Kuda Nageswara Rao FG-ECRP: FFA and GSA based Energy Efficient Clustering and Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Ravuri Daniel
174 ICMAE-380 Indu Chhipa and Devendra Somwanshi Fuzzy logic Controller to Control Internal Climate of a Greenhouse Indu Chhipa
175 ICMAE-382 Anamika Basu, Anasua Sarkar and Piyali Basak Gene Regulatory Network in Pollen Allergy using microRNAs and Transcription Factors Anamika Basu
176 ICMAE-212 Krasinskiy Aleksandr On the Accuracy of Modeling the Deformation of the Periphery of a Wheel on the Dynamics of a Model of Mobile Robots Krasinskiy Aleksandr
177 ICMAE-347 Arpit Shukla and Dr. Sudhir Y Kumar Energy Potential of Sugarmill by Product Press-mud through Pyrolysis Process Arpit Shukla
178 ICMAE-370 Mamta Garla and Tarunpreet Bhatia Prediction of Stock Price using Ensembling Model Mamta Garla
179 ICMAE-379 Mahendrakumar Maisuria, Devendraprasad Sonar and Manishkumar Rathod Nanofluid Selection used for Coolant in Heat Exchanger by Multiple Attribute Decision Making Method Mahendrakumar Maisuria
180 ICMAE-385 Annu Sharma, Arvind Selwal and Shwetank Arya An Improved Multispectral Fingerprint Biometric System based on Wavelet Transformation Annu Sharma
181 ICMAE-386 Umesh Nawale and Dipak Kakade Lateral Load Resistance System: Usual and Diagrid Building Comparison Umesh Nawale
182 ICMAE-389 Sorokhaibam Nilakanta Meitei, Abhijit Saikia, Kunal Borah and Saibal Chatterjee A Review on Partial Discharge Detection in High Voltage Transformer using Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) Sensor Sorokhaibam Nilakanta Meitei
183 ICMAE-391 Sanjiv Regmi and Sugandha Sharma Digital Watermarking based on Transform Domain using Machine Learning Algorithm Sanjiv Regmi
184 ICMAE-392 Ravinder Nath Rajotiya Smart Energy Distribution and e-Metering System Ravinder Nath Rajotiya
185 ICMAE-393 Solomon Ubani and Jatin Arora Design And Implementation Of A Smartphone-Based Student Attendance Monitoring System Using Facial Recognition Solomon Ubani
186 ICMAE-394 Solomon Ubani and Jatin Arora Attendance Management System And Implementation For Wi-Fi Networks Supporting Unlimited Number Of Concurrent Connections And Using Biometrics As Authentication. Jatin Arora
187 ICMAE-395 Dr. Parthasarathi De, Dr. Diptendu Bhattacharya and Ms. Debarshita Biswas A Comparative Study of Different Iris Patterns of Amphibians Based on Geometric & Colour Features Dr. Parthasarathi De
188 ICMAE-396 Surender Kumar and Dr Rabinder Singh Bharj Modelling of Solar E- Cargo for Perishable Products Transportation in India Surender Kumar
189 ICMAE-397 Arvind Chakrapani and Senthilkumar B Performance Analysis of Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna with different configurations and contacting feed mechanisms Arvind Chakrapani
190 ICMAE-398 Venkat Charan Theja Pasupulati, Sarada K and Nur Atiqah Binti Abdul Rahman Transmission Line Loss Allocation by Using Cuckoo Search Technique Venkat Charan Theja Pasupulati
191 ICMAE-399 Rashid Ali and Anshumaan Singh Study of Inertia and Buoyancy Forces for the Flow Past a Square Cylinder Dr. Rashid Ali
192 ICMAE-400 Rashid Ali and Anshumaan Singh Heat Transfer Characteristics for the Flow Past a Heated Square Cylinder Dr. Rashid Ali
193 ICMAE-401 Kim Deshmukh and Aleefia Khurshid Gesture-Based Navigation System For Multispectral Images. Kim Deshmukh
194 ICMAE-402 Mahesh Shingare and Maruti Jadhav A Simulink based Model of Fault Detection and Protection of Three Phase Induction Motor Maruti Jadhav
195 ICMAE-403 Priyamvada Kundu, Arunim Sharma, Jayavignesh Thyagarajan and Venkatasubramanian Krishnamoorthy Design and Implementation of Wireless Animal Sensor based System for Health Monitoring Priyamvada Kundu
196 ICMAE-406 Hari Venkates, Harish Pillai, Hemanth Venkatesan, Akshay Sudhakaran and Shali S Parametric Analysis of Waverider in Hypersonic Flow Hari Venkates
197 ICMAE-413 S S P M Sharma B, H Ravishankar Kamath and V Siva Brahmaiah Rama Design of Intelligent MPPT Solar Charge Controller using IoT S S P M Sharma B and V Siva Brahmaiah Rama
198 ICMAE-416 Kanchan Ganvir, Rajat Bhoj and Mayuri Wandhare Synthesis and Performance Analysis of Acetylene for Dual Fuel Mode using S.I Engine Kanchan Ganvir
199 ICMAE-419 Pragya Mishra, Prerna Kapil and Vandani Verma A New ID based Designated Verifier Signature Scheme for Generation of Receipts in E-voting Pragya Mishra
200 ICMAE-420 Kalyan Mahata, Anasua Sarkar, Rajib Das and Subhasish Das Land use Land Cover map segmentation using Remote Sensing: A Case study of Ajoy river watershed, India Kalyan Mahata