Registered Papers List

List Updated till 29th May 2018

S.No Paper Code List of Authors Paper Title Registerd Author(s)
201 ICMAE-422 Divya Chopde and Sharmik Admane Efficiency improvement of crystalline silicon solar cell by Spectral conversion using Ba2SiO4: Eu2+ , Nd3+ Phosphors Divya Chopde
202 ICMAE-423 Kancharapu Harikrishnasairaj and Dr.V. Kamakshi Prasad Global Frequent Item sets Mining from Distributed Databases Kancharapu Harikrishnasairaj
203 ICMAE-425 Meenal Udapure and Aleefia Khurshid Plant Health Monitoring System using Multispectral Images Meenal Udapure
204 ICMAE-429 Rashid Mustafa, Reena Rathee Jaglan and Sunil Agrawal Performance Analysis of Cooperative Spectrum Sensing over Fading Channels based on Neural Network Decision Approach Rashid Mustafa
205 ICMAE-430 Rajendra Chikkanagouda and Cyril Prasanna Raj P Design of Cascode LNA with Inductive Source Degeneration for 60 GHz Applications Rajendra Chikkanagouda
206 ICMAE-431 Kusuma Ms, Dr. Shanthala S and Dr. Cyril Prasanna Raj P Performance Analysis of Inductive Source Degeneration Low Noise Amplifier Using Multi-finger Technique Kusuma Ms
207 ICMAE-432 Purnima G, Priya N, Jyothishya Brahma Chari Kanneganti and Venkatesh Kone Planning, Scheduling, Resource Allocation and Costing Prefabricated Structures Sai Purnima Naidu Gade
208 ICMAE-455 Thiago Tonon, Murilo Silva Colombo, Cid Marcos Gonçalves Andrade and Oswaldo Curty Da Motta Lima Distillation Column Instrumentation Thiago Tonon
209 ICMAE-188 Abanti Sahoo, N Venkat Phanichandra and Soumya Sanjeeb Mohapatra Utilization of Waste Plastic- Wrappers for the Production of Potential Activated Carbon Abanti Sahoo
210 ICMAE-241 Roopa J, Dr.Geetha K.S, Shrishila Ganigar, Usha Rani K R, Shanmukha N, Satheesh Babu G, Ravi C, Santosh Jambagi, Ashwini Ajari and Harish S K Synthesizing and Fabrication of Al-PDMS based Triboelectric Nano Generator Roopa J
211 ICMAE-252 Neha . and Tarunpreet Bhatia Data Security using Homomorphic Encryption in Cloud Neha
212 ICMAE-404 Suresh Kumar, Prince Deshwal, Dr M L Aggarwal Aggarwal and Dr Lakhwinder Singh Design of shape memory alloy intelligent helical spring for a mechanical actuator Suresh Kumar
213 ICMAE-409 Ruchika Parate and Pallawi Parlewar Nth Level Decomposition Of 2D DWT Using Parallel Pipelined Haar Wavelet Transform Ruchika Parate
214 ICMAE-418 Nikita Jattalwar, J Shrawankar and S Balpande Assessment of Different Substrates for the Design of Microstrip Antenna Nikita Jattalwar
215 ICMAE-427 Amita Manwatkar and Nitin Narkhede Hardware Implementation of 16Quadrature Amplitude Modulation for Wireless Communication System Amita Manwatkar
216 ICMAE-436 Shravan Kumar M, Rahul K, Sri Harsha G and Jyothishya Brahma Chari Kanneganti Modelling, Analysis and Design of Multi-Level Flyover Shravan Kumar M
217 ICMAE-445 Jiang Hu, Pengjun Wang and Qiaowen Zhang The Preparation of Quantum States based on Multiplex Rotation Gates Jiang Hu
218 ICMAE-451 Sreeradh Vm A Review on Droplet Combustion Sreeradh Vm
219 ICMAE-452 Lalithamani N and Roja Reddy S Pose Invariant Face Recognition and Measures of Performance Evaluation Roja Reddy S
220 ICMAE-458 Deva Nand, Neeta Pandey and Manish Harjai Voltage Mode Instrumentation Amplifier using Current Mode Block Manish Harjai
221 ICMAE-459 Jacob Tsado, Immanuel Jiya and Oluwaseun Oladimeji Non-Intrusive Remote Monitoring and Control System for Distribution Transformers Immanuel Jiya
222 ICMAE-466 Shivani Parhad and Nitin Narkhede Reduced Complexity Phase Optimization Technique for Partial Transmit Sequence Shivani Parhad
223 ICMAE-475 Jorge Buele, Edison Salazar, Angel Soria, Raúl Andrango, Mauro Albarracín and Manuel León Implementation of an Eye Movement-Controlled Wheelchair Using Low-Cost Embedded System Jorge Buele
224 ICMAE-480 Abdelmoula Ait Allal, Khalifa Mansouri, Mohamed Youssfi and Mohammed Qbadou Toward a reliable and cost effective mobile satellite services for a safe operation of autonomous ship Abdelmoula Ait Allal
225 ICMAE-437 Yashvanth Kumar, Pinjare Sampath Rao and Cyril Raj DTCWT and SPIHT based Image Compression Schemes for Plant Phenotyping Applications Yashvanth Kumar
226 ICMAE-443 Dr.Sai Manoj Kudaravalli, Mrudula Kudaravalli and Prof.Phani Srinivas Kavalipati Cloud Security: Risk Factors and Security Issues in Current Trends Dr.Sai Manoj Kudaravalli
227 ICMAE-450 Oleh Strelko, Yulia Berdnychenko, Svitlana Isaienko and Oleh Fesovets Analysis on Container Transportation by Rail Transport Within the Context of Ukraine’s European Integration Oleh Strelko
228 ICMAE-453 Ishwarya Anna, Siva Kishore I, Mallika Chowdhary Ch and Vipul Kumar Ishvarbhai Patel Axial compressive behaviour of double skin concrete filled tubular short columns with various aspect ratios Ishwarya Anna
229 ICMAE-462 B.M. Sagar and Cauvery Nk Crop Yield Prediction: Present and Future trends B.M. Sagar
230 ICMAE-469 Aaliya Warsi and Richa Khandelwal Comparative Analysis of Twiddle Factor Generation Scheme based on Memory Depth Reduction Aaliya Warsi
231 ICMAE-472 Pankaj Joshi and Prafulani Gajbhiye Novel Approach of Speed Optimization for Montgomery Multiplier Prafulani Gajbhiye
232 ICMAE-473 Thirupathi Assistant Professor Vadluri and Dr Sagar Professor K A Survey on Security Issues with IoT Dr Sagar Professor K
233 ICMAE-476 Ankita Chate and Lalita Gupta An Efficient QRS Complex Detection Algorithm for Wearable Devices Ankita Chate
234 ICMAE-477 Pratik Sadegaonkar and Dr. D.K. Raghuvanshi A Compact Triple-Band Antenna for Wireless Applications Pratik Sadegaonkar
235 Mail1 Lakshmi Narasimhaswamy M and Sri Phani Sushma I Simulation Of Hygrothermal Effects On Laminated Composite Plates Using Classical Laminated Plate Theory (CLPT) Lakshmi Narasimhaswamy M
236 Mail2 Sumar Hadisuryo, Yurianto, Bb.Yunianto, Susilo, Anshor Boby Fery Harys Helmy Development Tools For Wireless Human Movement Analysis To Determine Impaired Knee Joint Motion Anshor Boby Fery Harys Helmy
237 Mail3 Mahmuda Khatun Engineering Classification of Some Soil Samples of Mirpur Area, Dhaka, Bangladesh Mahmuda Khatun
238 ICMAE-465 Utsav Upadhyay and Geeta Sikka Framework of Resource Scheduler for Big Data Applications with Deadlines and Priorities Utsav Upadhyay
239 ICMAE-487 Seema Nihalani Air Cooled Condenser - A Sustainable Approach for Thermal Power Plants Seema Nihalani
240 ICMAE-491 Gerhard Tan and Jesse James Bautista Mobile Phone Charging via Utilization of Triboelectric Effect in Harnessing Electrical Energy from Disposed Human Hair Gerhard Tan
241 ICMAE-493 Manmeet Kaur, Krishna Kant Agrawal and Deepak Arora Significance Of Text Preprocessing And Impact Of Data Reduction In Sentiment Analysis Manmeet Kaur
242 ICMAE-496 Abdenbi Boukhzer, Khalid El Bikri and Rhali Benamar Analysis of FGM Plates with Porosities Abdenbi Boukhzer
243 ICMAE-499 Sakina Sabunwala, Neeraj Joshi and Mayank Patel A Contrastive Analysis of Sorting Algorithms in Different Load Scenarios Mayank Patel
244 ICMAE-501 Kavitha G and Jenita Gabriel An Effective Traffic Contention and Control Mechanism for Improvement of Quality of Service in Wireless Sensor Networks Kavitha G
245 ICMAE-502 Rekha Chaturvedi, Abhay Sharma, Umesh Kumar Dwivedi and Sandeep Kumar DWT-DCT Based Novel Digital Image Watermarking for Copyright Protection in YCbCr Color Space Abhay Sharma
246 ICMAE-504 Abhay Sharma, Rekha Chaturvedi, Umesh Dwivedi and Sandeep Kumar Multi-Level Image Thresholding using Opposition Based Firefly Algorithm and Between Class Variance Method Rekha Chaturvedi
247 ICMAE-434 Umar Tijjani Ismail, Jibrin Mohammed, Abdullahi Abubakar, N. M. Salihu, Ishaq M. Aliyu, Abdulhaleem Ahmad, Saidu Yahaya and Nupur Prasad Structural and Optical Properties of Ni-substituted Barium Titanate Embedded in Polyaniline as a Nanocomposites for Optical Sensing Umar Tijjani Ismail
248 ICMAE-444 Gaurav Gupta Effect of FACTS Devices on Transmission Pricing in Restructured Power System Gaurav Gupta
249 ICMAE-456 Arvind Gurm and Anu Priya Sharma Dynamic Object Detection using Fuzzy Dimensional and Feed Forward Neural Network Arvind Gurm
250 ICMAE-506 Shilpesh Rana and Jayantilal Patel An Approach to Find Better Optimal Location for a Hydro Power Project Using AHP-WSM Methods Shilpesh Rana